Aliette Bretel (b.1981) is a Peruvian photographer and visual artist based in Cambridge, England since 2015. Her work has been shown in solo and collective exhibitions and art fairs around the world.
Graduated from El Centro de la Imagen (Lima, Perú) in 2004, a professional photography school focused on the historical and conceptual part of photography as well as on teaching techniques involving digital and analogical photography. She learnt there the methodology of the creative process, the right analytical filters to get a bigger understanding of the subject to communicate and the appropriate format to develop and display projects.
From the beginning, her artistic line of work has been characterised and defined by a strong reference to the memory, the past and the passage of time. Her dreamlike images, loaded with her own inner world, have a visual poetic narrative that affects the emotionality of the viewer, penetrating them with its pastoral, romantically self-absorbed, ethereal and subtle quality, which urges the viewers to immerse themselves into the urgent call to look back on their own memories.
Aliette’s artwork has been featured in magazines such as The World of Interiors, Aesthetica among others. Her documentary work has been published in main newspapers in Perú and Argentina. Aliette has also collaborated as a DOP for music videos and short movies.